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Meyer Sound Transforms Friedrichstadtpalast into World-Class Cinema for Berlinale Film Festival 2009

弗里德里希宫依托Meyer Sound成为2009柏林国际电影节世界级影院

Friedrichstadtpalast, Germany's historic revue theatre, took the spotlight as one of the two new venues in this year's Berlinale, one of the world's largest international film festivals. With 1,750-seats used for the screenings, the Palast was also the biggest among the cinemas and played an important role for the festival's record ticket sales reaching 274,112. Deployed behind a perforated screen, Meyer Sound's M'elodie line array loudspeaker system provided an extraordinary sound experience for the critical film industry audiences at Friedrichstadtpalast, despite the theatre's wide dimensions, which are atypical for movie exhibitions.

弗里德里希宫,是德国具有历史的影剧院,由于作为柏林电影节两个新主场地之一而备受关注,柏林电影节是世界上最大的电影节之一。拥有1750个座位放映厅的弗里德里希宫也是世界上最大的电影院,在电影节高达274112售出票的纪录中发挥着重要的作用。分布在带音孔的银幕之后的Meyersound M'elodie线阵列扬声器系统为弗里德里希宫那些重要的电影业观众提供了超常的音响体验,尽管此影剧院的宽尺寸对展映来说并不是非常规则的。

Most cinemas are designed in a box shape to provide an ideal environment for surround sound. Friedrichstadtpalast's size and width called for special audio treatments from Dr.-Ing Reiner Chemnitius, renowned audio consultant, and made the positive feedback on the event noteworthy. "The hall is exceptionally wide, which is not optimal for cinema sound," explains Chemnitius. "Achieving the proper imaging across such a large seating area called for a highly focused system, as well as fairly complex processing."

大多数的电影院被设计成盒子的形状以达到最理想的环绕效果声场。弗里德里希宫需要著名的音响顾问,Dr.-Ing Reiner Chemnitius先生来进行特殊的声场处理,让此重大活动得到显著的正面反响。“这个影院超宽,对于影院扩声不是最优选择。” Chemnitius解释说:“要使如此宽敞的观众区得到合适的声像定位体验,需要高度集中的角度覆盖,以及相当复杂的处理。”

The impressive headroom in M'elodie enabled a successful behind-screen deployment. However, due to the high-frequency energy loss in such an application, significant equalization in the Meyer Sound Galileo loudspeaker management system was necessary. In addition, a wall was specially constructed to prevent energy content from disappearing into the stage.

M’elodie线阵银幕后置的分布非常成功。然而,根据这种应用中高频能量流失严重的事实,Meyer Sound Galileo扬声器管理系统的均衡调整就显得非常必要了。另外,一面特殊建构的墙用来阻止能量在舞台区消失掉。

Using primarily Meyer Sound loudspeakers owned by Friedrichstadtpalast's with additional equipment support from Berlin-based Werner Audio GmbH, a customized 5.1 surround system was configured, comprising left, center and, right arrays of eight M'elodie line array loudspeakers and two USW-1P subwoofers each. Additional LFE channel low-frequency reinforcement came from two stacks of three 700-HP subwoofers, in cardioid formation. Surround coverage was provided by 12 UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers along the rear, as well as left and right rear groups of six UPJunior VariO loudspeakers. Twenty MM-4XP self-powered loudspeakers delivered under-balcony coverage, and provided fill and reinforcing the surround imaging for the upper seating levels. "The compact MM-4XP systems are remarkable in achieving the near-field imaging required, particularly in the upper seating areas," says Chemnitius.

在用了弗里德里希宫自有的Meyer Sound扬声器之外,也增加了由柏林Werner Audio GmbH公司定制的5.1环绕声系统配置,包括:左中右声道各一串由8M’elodie扬声器和2USW-1P低频扬声器组成的阵列。另外增强型低频通道扩声由2700-HP组成,每组3只呈心性指向组合。后区环绕声覆盖由12 UPJ-1P可变指向扬声器组成,左后右后各6UPJunior组成。20MM-4XP有源迷你扬声器负责挑台下补声、前场和上区环绕声像定位扩声。“紧凑型MM-4XP有源迷你扬声器在近场声像的作用非常明显,尤其是上区座位部分。” Chemnitius如是说。

Berlinale successfully showcased the versatility of the M'elodie system, proving that it is not only an ideal system for Friedrichstadtpalast's Vegas-style productions, but it also delivers incredible benefits to the multipurpose venue. "Particularly the film industry experts, who tend to be extremely discerning in their evaluation of both sound quality and imaging, have been very impressed by the Meyer Sound system," says Chemnitius. "The M'elodie provides a high degree of flexibility to meet the theatre's wide range of production events."

柏林电影节成功展示了M'elodie系统的多功能性,证实了它不仅是弗里德里希宫拉斯维加斯式的理想扩声选择,也能为多功能的场馆提供不可思议的好处。“尤其是电影业的专家们,在声音质量和声像的评价能力方面非常高明,对Meyer Sound的系统印象十分深刻。” Chemnitius说道:“M'elodie本身高度的灵活性完全能够满足剧院多样性现场活动的需求。”

Berlinale 2009 attracted 15,575 accredited guests and 3,983 journalists to 1,238 movie screenings of 383 films, many of which were world or European premieres. During the festival, the associated film trade fair entitled European Film Market and Berlinale Talent Campus's workshops are among the events that make Berlinale one of the most important film industry gatherings year after year. The 60th Berlinale will be held February 11-21, 2010.


In addition to Berlinale 2009, other top-caliber film industry events and venues have chosen Meyer Sound systems for the rich and immersive sound quality. The company's new Cinema Experience line of products, featuring the Acheron loudspeaker, have been installed in the Bay Area's Skywalker Sound, ImageMovers Digital, and American Zoetrope, as well as USC School of Cinematic Arts and the Digital Cinema Auditorium at University of California, San Diego. Meyer Sound systems have also been used in other movie industry events, including the MPSE Sound Show presentation of "The Dark Knight" in October and the 2009 Golden Reel Awards.

除柏林电影节之外,另外一个高水准的电影业的活动和场地也选择Meyer Sound系统以达到完美声音质量。Meyer Sound公司的影院体验系列产品,以Acheron为特色的扬声器,已经应用到港湾区的Skywalker Sound天行者音效公司,ImageMovers Digital罗勃辛密克斯制片公司和American Zoetrope美国西洋镜电影公司,以及加利福尼亚大学圣地亚哥分校的电影艺术学院和数字化影剧院。Meyer Sound系统也被应用到电影行业的其他活动,包括十月份的音效剪辑师工会奖影片《蝙蝠侠:暗夜骑士》展映和2009年“金卷轴”颁奖典礼。

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