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太阳马戏团Wintuk传播节日喜庆,Meyersound M'elodie Matrix3功能出众

Back for its second year at New York's Madison Square Garden WaMu Theater, Wintuk™ brings its inimitable touch to a child's world, injecting stunning visuals and powerful music into a superb holiday-themed presentation. The complex technical demands of the Cirque du Soleil® production are once again entrusted to Montreal-based Solotech, providing state-of-the-art multimedia support that includes a Meyer Sound-based surround system created by award-winning sound designer Jonathan Deans.

第二年回到纽约麦迪逊广场花园WaMu剧院,Wintuk给孩子们的世界带来无比绝伦的影响,在超级的演出中演译了震撼的视觉和强劲的音乐效果。太阳马戏团现场演出复杂的技术需求又一次委托与Montreal-based Solotech公司,此公司一向为演出团体提供最新型多媒体技术支持,包括一套由一流音频设计者-乔纳森.迪安斯基于Meyersound设计出来的环绕效果系统。

Deans, one of the creators behind Cirque du Soleil productions including The Beatles® LOVE™, Zumanity™, "O"®, KÀ™, and KOOZA™, worked with longtime collaborator Leon Rothenberg to create an aural experience that would embrace the young audience without overpowering it. "We wanted an enveloping sound," says Deans, "but being mindful that it's a children's production, we didn't want it to be overly loud or aggressive."

迪安斯,太阳马戏团演出秀的创始人之一,这些秀包括:披头士的“LOVE”秀,“Zumanity”"O"秀,秀,KOOZA等。迪安斯与长期合作伙伴李昂.罗滕伯格一直致力于营造出感动而非压倒年轻听众们的听觉氛围。“我们需要一种能拥抱听众的声音效果” 迪安斯说“但是要注意到这是为孩子们准备的现场演出,我们不想把声音开得特别大或太刺耳。”

The biggest obstacle to achieving that goal was the venue itself. The WaMu Theater is an expansive, single-level auditorium not well suited for less-than-conventional sound designs. "It's a 4,000-seat theatre, all on one level with a very low ceiling," Deans explains. "The ceiling height imposes considerable limitations on where we can fly the speakers, and how we focus them for consistent coverage across the exceptionally wide seating area."

达到这个目标最大的障碍就是演出场地本身,WaMu 剧院是一个豪华的单层厅堂,不适合做有违常规的扩声设计。“这是一个4000座的剧院,作为同在一个水平面,顶棚很低”迪安斯解释道:“顶棚的高度限制了扬声器的吊挂点和调整扬声器在超宽的观众区得到一致的覆盖角度。”

Deans and Rothenberg selected the tight pattern control of M'elodie line array loudspeakers to deliver the precise coverage needed, with four hangs of five boxes, flown tight to the ceiling. "The arrays are very tightly packed, and flown as close to the ceiling as possible to keep them out of the line of sight," says Rothenberg.

迪安斯和罗滕伯格选择了紧凑型M’elodie线阵列扬声器来满足精准覆盖角扩声需求,配置为5箱体一列,共4列紧吊装在顶棚。 “线阵列箱体非常紧凑,吊装紧靠顶棚,可以尽可能地不阻挡到灯光的效果”罗滕伯格说。

The line arrays are complemented by a surround field of 38 single M1D line array loudspeakers. More M1D boxes cover frontfill, and a delay ring of 12 UPA-1P loudspeakers completes the system. The hall is divided into multiple zones, with Meyer Sound's Matrix3 audio show control creating an intricate web of surround sound.


"There are six zones in all," says Rothenberg. "Each zone has its own left-right pair of side and rear surround channels. The surround zones then share the main left and right channels." This carefully designed multiplexing is handled by five Matrix3 LX-300 processors, distributed to multiple zones via a Galileo loudspeaker management system with six Galileo 616 units. Wild Tracks hard disk playback provides the audio effects.

“一共有6个区域” 罗滕伯格说,“每个区域都有左右声道和后场环绕通道,效果声通道共享左右主通道。”这个谨慎的多通道复用技设计由5Matrix3 LX-300处理器操控,由6Galileo 616处理器组成的伽利略扬声器管理系统传送到每个区域。Matrix3Wild Tracks硬盘回放提供音频效果。

"We split the room into sections, each essentially with its own system," says Deans. "We sent multiple outputs to each array so we could shade the relative gain to each individual speaker."

“我们把大空间切成不同的小空间,每个空间都有独立的系统” 迪安斯说,“我们把输出多通道数送到每个阵列扬声器上,以此来覆盖单个扬声器间的相对增益。”

Rothenberg also points to the MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program as instrumental in planning the system. "We can be assured that what we've calculated in terms of speakers and their splay patterns will be absolutely correct, every time. I like knowing that what I see is what I'm going to hear."


Wintuk plays at Madison Square Garden WaMu Theater through January 4, 2009.




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